Child Evangelism

Vacation Bible School

Summer Sleuthing through Discovering Jesus!

Put on your detective hat and take a guess at who we are discovering this summer!

Here’s your clue: He is someone who helped the blind to see, He is also part of the Trinity.
If you answered “Jesus.” You are right! Good work!

Kids will become detectives to discover who Jesus is!

Through 5 Bible lessons and the missionary story of Mary Slessor we will guide children with CODE WORDS and CLUES to help them discover who Jesus is. Many kids today do not know and this may be their first time ever hearing these important lessons about how Jesus loves them, came for them and died for them! Our team will bring the excitement of detective work to Discovering Jesus while delivering the loving truth of God and His Word to our audience of young tender hearts. Join us in prayer for these dear children and our faithful ministry team as we do what we have been called to do since 1949, Reaching boys and girls for Jesus!

Here's a Sneak Peek of our lesson line up!

The Lost Sheep
Blind Bartimaeus
Jesus Feeds the 5,000
Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
Jesus Heals the Nobleman’s Son