Child Evangelism

Togo, West Africa

Our ministry here at CEM reaches beyond the borders of Elkhart and LaGrange Counties…

John Parsons with Jacques, Yves, Guy and Alphonse who make up our Team Togo in West Africa Child Evangelism Ministries! Jacques, Yves, Guy and Alphonse travel on motorcycles throughout the country of Togo bringing the gospel to children in churches, schools and villages. During the school year, they teach Happy Day Clubs, currently in 20 schools and 8 church clubs. In the summer, the ministry team travels from south to northern TOGO, “reaching boys and girls for Jesus” TOGO style.

Their efforts continue as they not only minister to children, but also are training churches to catch the vision of reaching and teaching the children in their own churches about the Lord Jesus. Please pray for and support this team in their endeavors of “Reaching Boys and Girls for Jesus!”


Jacques SADAH

Director, CEM Togo

At the beginning of the year, February 2005, I visited the Baptist Church of Hedzranawoe and after the message of Pastor AKAKPO, I was received by the Deacons. During the meeting which was on “Hell and Heaven”, I noticed that I was a sinner and I need a Savior if I want to go to Heaven when I died. Then I confessed my sins and invited the Lord and Savior Jesus to come into my life and to write my name in the Book of Life. I was baptized August 19, 2005.
Jesus saved me from sin because somebody brought this good news to me one day. I too, must bring this message to others according to the command of Jesus. I like going to the children first because they believe quickly and second, they are the hope of this world. Happy Day Club is a very good way to that goal.


Happy Day Club Teacher

I was a sinner condemned to hell fire. One day my elder sister invited me to the Baptist church “La Solution”. That day the message was about “sin and consequences”. After the
preaching, I gave my life to Christ by receiving Him as my personal Lord and Savior.
I accepted to work with the Happy Day Club because I like sharing the Word of God with the children. They, too, need to be saved and the kingdom of God is for them. Since Happy Day Club is working in this way, I like to be part of it.


Happy Day Club Teacher

Alphonse DOSSOU